Philyra - Advisory Service For Making Natural Perfume

DETAILS ABOUT THIS SERVICE Finding a perfume in the store that would be a perfect match with your personality is not such a simple feat.
There are many reasons why a certain scent does not suit everyone and even more reasons why our need for a particular scent varies from moment to moment.
The basis of all the reasons could be summed up in a short sentence: because the scent definitely affects the human mood!
Each perfume consists of
- base notes (the scent that stays on the skin the longest)
- middle notes (odor that evaporates before the base note)
- and top notes (a scent that first evaporates)

One of the classifications of essential oils is according to their volatility, so we distinguish
- slowly volatile
- moderately volatile
- volatile quickly

To properly create a personalized perfume, it is necessary to know which essential oils belong to one of the categories, to dose them correctly in relation to the base oil, as well as which essential oils combine with each other.
As a guide for the correct creation of YOUR personalized perfume, you will list a minimum of 3 essential oils that smell pleasant to you.

Then leave the care of making a personalized perfume to me, as an expert in essential oils, by requesting an offer from my service.

Each personalized perfume is a unique creation created by an expert in collaboration with the person for whom it is intended.

Let us do one just for you!
Why would you have your own oil personalized perfume
- it is completely natural /no synthetic fragrances/
- in addition to smell, it also has a therapeutic effect
- carry your little 10ml bottle with you everywhere
- be recognizable by the scent you “wear”


Philyra - Advisory Service For Making Natural Perfume

I have been gathering my knowledge about the action, dosage, and application of essential oils for years from the books, online and offline courses, and private practice notes.

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MY GUARANTEE OF QUALITYYou are the one who guides me, I am the one who "listens" to your nose.
I respect what your nose “tells” me!



THANK YOU! We've forwarded your question(s) to Philyra - Advisory Service For Making Natural Perfume. Expect a reply shortly.



THANK YOU! We have forwarded your request to Philyra - Advisory Service For Making Natural Perfume. Expect a reply shortly.