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Health Insurance

DETAILS ABOUT THIS SERVICE The sole purpose of buying a health insurance plan is to get financial support at the time of medical emergency. Key Features of our Health Insurance Policy.
Secure Benefit: Get 2X coverage from Day 1.
Plus Benefit: 100% increase in coverage after 2 years.
Restore Benefit: 100% restores your base coverage
Protect Benefit: Zero deductions on listed non-medical expenses.

8 question, if you have availed health Insurance. If not yet, get Quick Quote for Health Insurance. Once you got quote, and ready to pay. You shall receive payment link in your mobile & email. Just click and pay with your debit or credit card. And receive the policy in your email. Let's understand the policy features.
1)Does your policy cover Pre and post expenses of 60 to 180 days? We covered.
2)How much Ambulance Cost cover? Does you policy has Air Bus cover? Ambulance cost upto sum assured and air bus covers with ten lac sum assured in our policy.
3)Does you policy covers Home treatment expenses? Mostly don't, but we cover.
4)Does you policy covers your daily income, which you shall lost in treatment time? We cover and ready to pay Rs.1000/- per day. Moreover if you need 2000 per day. It is also possible.
5)Does your policy cover other expenses like food, kit or gloves many more. Many don't, But we cover.
6)Do you think your medical insurance amount is sufficient for your family? With no additional premium(amount), we provide you with Secure Benefit: Get 2X coverage from Day 1. Plus Benefit: 100% increase in coverage after 2 years. So, if you pay for the risk cover 500000, with secure benefit you get 1000000 risk cover from day one. And plus benefit gives you 100% increase in coverage after 2 years.
7) Does your policy covers your father in law or mother in law health insurance? We cover! This feature can be enabled on your demand.
8)Does you health insurance policy free health check up? If not but we provide Free preventive health-check ups every year.

No worries, when your policy has all the above features. Service is available to Indian citizens.


Health Insurance
Patiala, INDIA

I am a Composite Agent licensed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is a regulatory body under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance , Government of India and is tasked with regulating and licensing the insurance and re-insurance industries in India.
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MY GUARANTEE OF QUALITYHealth Insurance company claims : Health Insurance Cashless Claims get approved within 30 minutes*~ Settled reimbursement claims within 10 hours~* Covers Coronavirus Hospitalization. No Health Check-up up to age of 45 years~. Nearly 10,000 Cashless Hospitals Network.
Have Experience of 1 Claim Settled Per Minute* 7500+ Crores Claims already Settled^. 1.5 Crores Happy Customers#



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