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MOCASS Financial Consulting Services.

DETAILS ABOUT THIS SERVICE Analysis Of Financial Statements:

I can help you interpret your company's financial statements to enable you discover what's behind their numbers. Financial Statements refer to your Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow projections. This simply means that I can help you evaluate or analyse your business' financial statements to assist you to, amongst other things;
i). unlock critical insights into your business performances, profitability and potentials, thereby empowering you to make smarter and informed decisions.
ii). Provide your lending institutions with an unbiased view of your business' financial health which in turn is helpful for making lending decisions to your company.
III). see the trends of
improvements of your business overtime.
iv). determine the adequacy or otherwise of your company's profit margins in relation to your net sales. This should greatly assist you in your strategic planning to improve going forward.
v). determine your company's Debt to it's Equity.
vi). can determine and identify financial strengths and weaknesses that exist in your company etc.
It may be pertinent to mention that creditors, investors, managements, business owners, regulatory authorities etc have one thing in common in other to do their jobs well, all of them rely one way or another on financial statements' analysis.


MOCASS Financial Consulting Services.
Lagos, Nigeria, NIGERIA

I seek your patronage because I'm not only qualified as a finance expert but also have adequate experience on the job for a good number of years as follows:
1). Apart from having a degree (B.Sc) in Economics, I also have a Master Degree
(M.Sc) in Banking and Finance from one of the foremost tertiary institutions in Nigeria - University of Ibadan, Ibadan
2). I have also worked for over 32 years in one the biggest financial institutions in Nigeria, Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. (formerly Barclays Bank). Analysing of financial statements is a sine qua non requirement for lendings in the banking industry.

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