One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC)

DETAILS ABOUT THIS SERVICE We will create a Mighty101 landing page complete with links to your TripleClicks Best Buy Offer.

It also links to your Join my Team Gateway page with a picture, so if anybody is interested in selling the Mighty101 product they can do so. There is a counter installed at the bottom of the page so you can see how many people have visited your page, the content of which has been taken from the Mighty101 flyer provided by SFI.

The cost is $18.50 per year to cover the setup and hosting fees. This also includes 30 days of visitors up to a maximum of 700 to your landing page via our traffic rotator.

You can increase this upper limit by 70 visits by paying promptly and by a further 30 visits by writing a positive review.

If your maximum visit cap (700 - 800) is reached before the 30 days is up, your entry in our main rotator will be removed, however as part of this package, you are also added to a secondary rotator, which is used extensively on our Useful Knowledge Company website to power banners and the Keyword Mighty101 and on the banners that are already in place across multiple traffic locations for the full 30 days .


One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC)
Weston super Mare, UNITED KINGDOM

I already operate a Powered by People rotator advertising service under the trading name of 'One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC)' and have done so successfully since 2019

Rate $18.50/job
Rewardicals Earn 345 RT/job
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Delivery Digital only
Payments accepted
MY GUARANTEE OF QUALITYThere can be no guarantee other than other than we guarantee we will advertise your landing page within our rotator plus any bonuses that you may be entitled. I hope you get some positive results as I want the repeat business, but please bear in mind, I cannot guarantee if any of your visitors will signup.

If you are making this purchase in order to turn your FLX tab green, SFI only allow this once they have been paid their 20% platform fee, which I pay when I have been paid.


May 8, 2021 Delmage T. Great! Everything went according to plan. After my own errors which held up this job were corrected, it took just a couple of hours for it to be completed to my satisfaction.
Now I await the results. Hopefully, expectantly, I can update this review with great results after 30 days.
May 1, 2021 Carrie S. Everything was perfect timely delivery & over 80 visitors in 2 days.
Apr 26, 2021 Friedrich F. Thank you for the kind communictíon. I hope, that this kind of a business will bring some profit for both.
Apr 25, 2021 Phillip B. Good service and friendly support. I recommend this service to anyone.
Apr 23, 2021 Matthias K. Amazing Job; I cant wait to see seles roll in.



THANK YOU! We've forwarded your question(s) to One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC). Expect a reply shortly.



THANK YOU! We have forwarded your request to One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC). Expect a reply shortly.