Life Coaching

DETAILS ABOUT THIS SERVICE Committing to three one hour sessions, or three hours of life-coaching will give you a reasonable idea of just how much I can help you. This course of life-coaching consists of three one hour sessions. Preferably one week apart. The reason for this is that I will give you homework, which you will need to complete before the second and third sessions.

The life-coaching is to be delivered over a zoom session.

Life coaching: Think of a soccer team competing against other teams without a coach. You can easily agree what a big mistake that is. If the team does not win the match or the season, the reason is obvious. They did not have a coach, they never had a chance.

What is so much more important than a soccer team? You own life, is that not so much more important than whether a soccer team wins or looses? Are you prepared to say that you never had a chance in life, because you never had a life coach? Do you have a coach for your life, a life coach? What is it that you want to achieve in life. Do you want to make a success of your business? Do you want your marriage or relationship to be better? Do you want to make a success of your studies? Do you want to impress your Boss, and potentially get that increase or that promotion? Whatever you would like to achieve in life, I can help you with. I am of course more specialised in certain areas. My areas of special expertise include: Business, Relationships, Work-Related issues, problems with studying and writing exams, Personal development. I also have a lot of experience with spiritual or religious issues. If you were in a cult or a very strict religious order, and you have left them, but don't know how to cope with life now. I can help you.

The protocols that I use are exactly the same as the protocols for a soccer team coach. My protocols may be more sophisticated and refined, but we can compare them to the soccer team coach. The goal is to get the job done, to win the match, to win the season, to achieve their goals. You will have certain very specific goals as well. The first step is to help you to find your goals. I must emphasise this, they are your goals nothing to do with me. Like with a soccer team, they want to win the season.

Together we will create a step by step method to achieve your goals. As your Life-Coach, I will hold you accountable, for achieving your goals. As we move through the process we will re-assess, and adapt the plan to move forward with.

The goal of my coaching is exactly that to score the winning goal, to achieve in life what you want to achieve, what you need to achieve.


Life Coaching

I have done comprehensive training with an alternative medicine institute, in which I was registered as a doctor of traditional medicine, which included natural medicinal products and treating of the psychological aspects of a person.

I spent 12 years preparing to be a Priest of a mainstream religion. In this preparation I learnt many things about religious counselling. I learnt how to help people that nobody thought could be helped anymore. I learnt how to become empathetic to my fellow beings, to the point where I physically feel their pain.

In my studies of philosophy and metaphysical philosophy I learnt to see things from a different perspective, from a more academic perspective. I have learnt to apply these noble principals into my practice.

Besides that I have done additional courses in Life-Coaching, in order to hone my skills.

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MY GUARANTEE OF QUALITYIf you take the program of Life-Coaching seriously, and do the work from your side, then I am sure that there will be a difference in your life.



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